2 Tips On HOW TO RAISE A Baby.


1.Positive attention.

Positive attention is a kind of love and affection which we as humans naturally enjoy and seek from our loved ones.
When a child lacks positive attention from a guardian, they are likely to seek negative ones because children enjoy both negative and positive attentions. Praising a child when they do something good is one of the best ways of helping a child make the best of his/her self because it serves as an encouragement for the child to always improve upon themselves and thereby pushes the child to correct adverse behaviors in order to maintain that good image or personality they have around you.

Since the child knows that you are watching and looking for positive changes it psychologically gives them a target and a reputation to live up to in order to maintain their dignity in the eyes of their parents and this sometimes helps the child to keep a decent behavior even when the parent or guardian is not watching.

2.Parenting by example.

One of the most common characteristics of children is they like to mimic what they see be it good or bad.
Setting good examples for your children to follow is one of the best ways of teaching a child what he or she ought to do even before you say it sometimes. When children mimic what they see it easily becomes an attitude and sometimes they find it difficult to drop it. This is why Parents should always watch how they act in front of their children or what they always say around them.

Parents should avoid using foul language in the midst or presence of their children since they may learn to also use this word or speak as such to their disadvantage. Instead of using abusive words Like ”Stupid’‘, ”Foolish”, ”F***” etc., which may ruin a child’s way of speaking, Parents should rather consider using more polite words like ”Please” and ”Thank you’‘.




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