4 Harmful things that can Affects Your Baby’s Brain Development When Pregnant



  1. Insufficient sunshine – A top National University research discovered that kids whose moms had lower visibility to sunshine during the course of the 1st 3 months of being pregnant could possibly have a increased risk of building numerous sclerosis in the future. Sunlight gives Vitamin D which is crucial for the fetus growth of the fundamental nervous system.


2.Genital infectious disease – Genital herpes is an infection which can be commonly transferred to the child during the course of child birth.  This creates extreme sickness and serious brain problems if not addressed immediately.  When transferred to the fetus, it creates rise to eye, brain and skin condition.



3.Cocaine – This particular medication makes the infant to have greater risk of irregularity of the skull known as microcephaly.  The skull is really little, and there is certainly no space for brain to develop.  This outcomes in mental retardation.  In addition, it improves the risk of hemorrhage in the child’s brain, that may end up to permanent brain damage.


  1. Taking Medication – Generally speaking, women that are pregnant tend to be encouraged never to take any drugs or prescription specially during the course of the first-time period of being pregnant. A typical drug like aspirin, for instance, can trigger hemorrhaging in a baby’s brain due to the fact of its capability to stop blood clot.


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