5 Common Reasons People Give Up their Dreams

  1. My dream isn’t practical

Practically isn’t a bad thing. I think frequently in life we should instead be practical. We don’t need to live with complete reckless abandon. The problem with practicality however, is the fact that it’s a standard way to live usually. Many people choose practicality over passion and purpose. They wind up giving up what you love to do given it seems “irresponsible”!

I did this numerous time with music and drumming. I started playing in the band, then when things get serious this guitar rock band falls through the wayside and I move toward the practical alternative. Hence why I have two graduate degrees; it looked like the practical move to make.

Is that this best reason to create a decision though? It’s your option. Will you choose joy and passion or practicality? (There is probably a cheerful medium within somewhere)


  1. People won’t understand my dream


Your dream is personal, this is why it was fond of you. You can’t expect other folks to really realize what it means for your requirements or the way makes you feel. Nor would you expect individuals to necessarily support it. There will be folks who encourage you and those who doubt you.

Take the recommendations of a dreamer like Dr. Suess and be aware that, “those who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind.” There is usually a point where we’ve got to stop asking permission that you follow our bliss and do it! If it making you feel good, don’t stress about what other individuals say. We all have a goal for a reason; we’re meant to check out it!


  1. I’m not clear the way it will happen

I think uncertainty happens to be a deterring major element in my life. It goes to practicality. If there isn’t a specific plan and blueprint for the way to do something it’s simple to brush it as a pie-in-the-sky dream that’s too difficult. Sometimes we understand what needs to done but we’re going to rarely know exactly the way will happen.

There are a multitude of possibilities, the other quality of any dreamer or visionary can be a willingness to view possibilities or potential where nobody does. A little bit of crazy actually makes life quite interesting!


  1. My dream isn’t safe and secure

I’m sure there a wide range of people out there who take a big leap to create their desires a fact but they need too much to risk. They have a mortgage and family, or these people have a retirement plan they don’t would like to jeopardize. This is certainly a typical reality.


When it depends on it, reaching for our dream doesn’t should completely risk a sense security though. There are calculated risks we could take. It doesn’t ought to be all-or-nothing. There is more than likely a way you’ll be able to work toward the ideal while maintaining the security you currently possess. Get creative!


  1. I’m too old, too young, etc.

There are countless limiting beliefs which could get in the way person going for your dreams. You may think you’re too old, too young, too ugly, not experienced enough or talented enough.

Whatever your limiting belief could be, recognize that there is an example in existence of someone within a very similar situation who pushed through these negative beliefs or circumstances to produce their dreams a real possibility. Don’t let life get you down! Don’t get jaded! It’s never past too far or prematurely. to start doing their best toward what we desire.



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