5 Tips To Boost Your Confidence on Your First Date

  1. Calm yourself right down

You’re excited, you’re nervous – and the cycle begins. We’ve all been through it and suffered with the initial dating anxiety. So, how should we calm those jangling nerves that send our endorphins over the top?

To avoid entering into a frenzy before your date it’s essential to focus on YOU. Don’t leg it from work or leave everything to the very last minute. Give yourself time to relax and unwind. Try enjoying music, go to the gym or do something that you know will almost certainly boost your mood. This first step makes perfect sense as it will place you inside the right mindset for the evening ahead.

And remember – your date will probably be feeling the exact same, regardless of whether they don’t look or say it!



  1. Look good and you’ll feel happy

If you peer good, then you’re planning to feel good, so be sure you make the effort. If you’re going from work then ditch the formal work attire. Be comfortable, look sharp and don’t arrive in a sweaty mess. Make sure you smell great, since this can create a good connection and it is a great flirting tool.

Follow the following tips and your date knows you’ve produced huge effort.


  1. Go armed and do your homework

Hopefully prior to the date you’d have probably chatted either online, by text/phone or it could be you’ve met before – maybe in an event or at the mutual friends gathering etc

Whatever the truth maybe, it’s crucial that you go into the initial the date with a few details of them, as well as an idea of their interests.

This will help you open up a conversation and can ease any awkwardness.


  1. Compliment. But do it properly!

Direct compliments will display confidence, but get them to be not bland. If you compliment your date on an issue that genuinely impresses you, then that could go a long way and they’ll understand that you’re not being disingenuous.

So, only issue a compliment in the event you really mean it because some people can smell a fake from miles away and DON’T over compliment. Keep it fun and flirty, as the more the give, the harder you are likely to receive.


  1. Just be ‘you’


The first date is often a chance to show the genuine you. Don’t type in the date looking to be the person you imagine your date wants you to definitely be. If you do that, then you’re not being honest to yourself or your long-term dating goals.

You want him/her to definitely like you (and potentially adore you) for what you do.

If the 1st date went well, then great! You can look forward to date second and third and so on.

However, when you didn’t have a second and you are feeling rejected, try and put a good spin on your own experience. Each date you might have is great practice for your next one. Think of each date to be a stepping stone to your moment when you discover someone that you undoubtedly like and vice-versa. If you enter dating using this type of mindset, then you’re up to be less nervous and more confident.


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5 Tips To Boost Your Confidence on Your First Date 15 Tips To Boost Your Confidence on Your First Date 2



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