A little Grief Won’t Hurt

low selfesteem
low selfesteem

I ended up quitting my job and having behind on bills. My power and water were switched off. I had to sell my dad’s truck to pay back bills. There was a tipping reason for my life; I remember thinking, “life will not be supposed to be this way.” I contacted a mental health facility inside my town and started chatting with a counselor.

I was extremely hesitant initially, because I did not want to bring up those feelings. And what could a counselor do when they did not know me? I had a pal nudge me and say, “So what, speak to them. If you don’t like them, don’t go again. You don’t ever need to see that person again in the event you don’t like them”. That nudge changed playing for the better in numerous ways.

I determined I was affected by situational depression and anxiety. I realized I was having panic and anxiety attacks. Just speaking to a person whom I would never know helped me possess a fresh perspective on my wellbeing. The counselor I found was much like a silent cheerleader in my opinion. She reduced the problem to see what I did.

I now have an incredible life; I am genuinely happy; I have a fantastic partner in my everyday living, and that we are potential married. We have two kids, and love hanging out outdoors. After my mother kicked the bucket when I was 28 (and a few months pregnant), I felt the call to write my story as a result to hopefully help others. I started to slip slightly into sorrow and realized exactly what felt like as a consequence of going through it with my dad’s passing away. I remember I would search online for stories of an individual similar to me to identify that they came out of the pain Okay.


There weren’t many people who have been so young along both parents die. So, I thought we would make something open to those looking there. It’s Okay Not To Cry is a book about my story in addition to some of my friends’ stories of getting through a loss. There is something for every individual in there. It also has some humor combined in, and that means you are not always grabbing a Kleenex. I hope to help individuals through my story and also the story of others. Nobody can advise you on how to grieve; I feel that every person will do it in their own way.



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