Cardio Exercise For Weight Loss

jog fitness
jog fitness

Wondering which cardio exercise is better? Most people at some point start to wonder that. To make things as simple as possible, both high and low intensity exercises will aid you to lose body fat.  The big question here right now is which of them are the most excellent choice to lose weight.

When researchers first found out that during the course of intense workouts, your human body burns off glycogen, which is a type of saved carbs that are kept in your muscles and liver for energy.  Throughout low intensity level workouts, your human body will burn off a ton of body fat.

If you want to know If this works or not, the reply it’s no, simply because there are a great number of overweight men and women still around. although they are performing low strength exercises, it still makes you question how it can get.

The experts were correct when they stated the human body burns off a lot more excess fat during the course of low strength workouts such as swimming or walking. During a high strength workout like running, the human body will burn off a ton more calories.  Even if a number of the calories lost are from glycogen, you will discover still lots of fat calories lost also.


To make things clear enough for you, when your accumulated glycogen reduces, the carbs from your food you consume will later on get changed into glycogen to fill up the stock and will not be turned to body fat once they are left unused for vitality.

Higher strength cardio exercise will boost up your metabolic rate even when you have finished your exercise.  This simply means, your human body will carry on to burn off fat several hours following your exist from the fitness center.  This impact is almost non-existent in lower strength cardiovascular or aerobic workout.



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