Confidence Is The Key to Joining The Ranks of Beautiful Women



The society that we live in today has changed and twisted itself into forms that we could have never anticipated. We judge everything based on the way it looks these days and often it is the sole factor that we rely upon to make our decisions, first impressions are the beginning and end of everything that occurs in our lives, our society is now a malformed unforgiving entity that destroys everything within sight that doesn’t keep up with its unrealistic high expectations.

Too often we don’t give a second chance, let alone a third one. Food has to look appetizing and well presented before we could even think about taking a bite, people have to look good and well mannered before we could ever gather the courage to approach them. We often treat beautiful women in a different way than we treat other normal women just because we think that they’re beautiful, too many times we discriminate, pick and choose based on looks only while neglecting other factors without noticing.


Women Struggling with insecurities


Being alive in this society makes us crumble under the pressure of having to be an ideal image according to society’s unfathomable standards, we often blame ourselves and get blamed for not being born in a certain way, or look like someone else.


We have engraved our ideals in the minds of our youngins, nurtured them from the same well of standards that we all relish upon and raised them to look first and use their other senses later.

Many of us walked into their daughters room to find her dressing up in her mom’s clothes and applying makeup just like the beautiful women she sees on TV, because this is our concept of a beautiful girl and it was imprinted onto our daughters to be the image that they will live by for years to come.


All of this opens up a world of infinite possibilities when it comes to insecurities, we subconsciously feed these insecurities and allow them to grow and become a source of suffering and pain to all of us and we simply put can’t possibly keep up with society’s outrageous demands.


Beauty is within and without

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, a statement that remains to be true till this very day. Like food, beauty is of an acquired taste, what you think to be attractive might ugly be in the eyes of others.

Our definition of beauty remains to be conflicted, with women being more objectified than ever, being pressured to look in a certain way, we judge on beauty based on looks and how ravishing that individual looks and yet other factors still count in. Assuming that you’re attracted to someone, you could find other traits to be revolting and appalling, they’d almost be enough to change your perspective on that person.


There is beauty to be seen in everything around us, beauty in actions, beauty in cohesiveness, in the way we treat others, in relationships and friendships alike, beauty doesn’t even have to come in a physical form, believe or not, beauty is achievable and not necessarily through cosmetics, all that you need is the right set of confidence skills to pull off the stunning beauty that you’ve always had and prove everyone else that looks isn’t everything.


Confidence is key

Beautiful women aren’t all about looks, they pull it off with a confident and charming attitude or by being cute and delightful, there are many ways women can be stunningly beautiful.


The most important element among these is confidence, confidence is a fail proof method to stand out, to make everyone feel like you own the world, with it you can convince anybody with practically anything. Oozing confidence can make others believe that you’re happy, smart, cunning, rich or anything that comes across your mind.


Having confidence that you can be anything you want or do anything you want allows to actually pull off anything, just set your mind to it and do it, don’t think about the consequences or what others would think of you, believe that each person is beautiful in their own unique way.


How do I become beautiful?

You don’t have to go under the knife or use excessive cosmetics or dress skimpily, these small changes will have a positive effect on your life and everyone around you and they’ll allow you to be drop-dead gorgeous and be an inspiration to all the beautiful women around you.


Cheer yourself up and everyone around you

There have been many studies on the positive effects of smiling, the simple act of smiling can apparently increase your attractiveness by a whopping 75%, smiling also fools the brain into thinking that you’re happy, so smile often and have a good laugh, I’ll both make you happy and appealing.


Bring out your best outfit

Even dressing up nicely could have a dramatic effect on everyone around you, they will be struck in awe whenever they come into contact with you, heck they might even try to imitate you and dress up as nicely.


Think of what a suit can do to a man, now apply that theory to you as a woman and you’ll be stunned when you see that beautiful lady standing in front of you in the mirror, no need to wear anything revealing or skimpy, elegant and stylish will do the trick just fine.


Get out there and wear your coat of confidence with pride and behold as jaws drop on the floor with the mere sight of you.


Know your strengths and embrace them

Everyone have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, it’s what makes people so different and complex. Knowing your strengths is the answer to having confidence and a major boost to your morale.


Knowing your strengths allows to focus on the things that you’re best at and accentuate them for the world to see. Knowing that you’re good at something will enable you to do it in absolute confidence.


Personality counts more than you think

Be generous, gentle, kind and generous. First impressions can only carry someone so far, if you got past the harsh first impressions, looks wouldn’t help you in keeping people around you for so long. Personality is the true beauty that everyone should look for, after all, beauty is a goner, personality is everlasting.


Focusing on your personality allows you to be you and not someone else. All the makeup and surgeries that our society has become accustomed to and accepted willingly is all a facade that we wear to elude others with a beauty that doesn’t exist in our world, we’ll never know the meaning of happiness if we’re all hiding under masks.


You first

You know what matters the most to you? Yes, you, YOU should be your first priority, everything else comes in second. Satisfy yourself instead of trying to satisfy everyone else, because everyone will draw a different picture in their mind for how you should be as an individual, they’ll always find something to criticize and nitpick about you.


Chasing after the dream of satisfying everyone is a road that ends with your dissatisfaction and depression and you’ll end up unhappy.


We’re all beautiful

In one way or another, each and everyone of us represents beauty in their own unique way, they all have different traits and characteristics that make them beautiful in their own way.

It’s up to us to understand which of those traits are elevating our beauty and embrace them.


Let me finish up this article with some inspiring quotes that I managed to gather off of the internet to give you that extra dose of confidence, you beautiful ladies.


“It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine”, “confidence is silent, insecurities are loud”, “be the woman you needed as a girl”, “beauty is a power, a smile is its sword”, “let the beauty of what you love be what you do”, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it”.



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