Confidence or Courage


”I want to be more confident”, complainant declared soon during her coaching session. ”How strong is the best courage muscle?” I asked. The client seemed perplexed. Yes, I know that which you are thinking – why would I react to a question about confidence with courage?

Well, let me tell you a good insider’s hack about confidence…you can only develop confidence by exercising the courage muscle. Phew – I’m glad I’ve got that out there! Now, some people may assume that confidence is usually a Super Mario coin that any of us simply collect across the road of life. However, confidence is earned with sweaty palms, crackling/croaky voices, deep breaths and small reluctant steps forward. These actions all focus on the courage to utilize. That’s right: to exhibit up, no matter the outcome.

When courage is exercised and actions are repeated on the consistent basis, the cornerstone of your confidence will form. Depending on the connection between the action, you may step forward and turn into more confident or reassess, improve your approach, and try again. Courage will be the secret ingredient to overcoming concerns that stops you against taking action.

So, when you’re questioning, ”Why aren’t I more confident?”, alter the question and get yourself, ”Am I wanting to be courageous and make a change?” Remember, you’re always one courageous step away from having all of it, therefore you deserve it!


If you’re finding your fears are way too strong to accept the steps forward, get hold of a coach who will be the best fit available for you and will you in experiencing the goals you might have set in your lifestyle.



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