Drinking Lemon Water

Water Retention
Water Retention

Drinking lemon water is a great for those who want to add up a little flavour to their typical water.  Lemon water isn’t just about adding flavour, it comes with great benefits as well.  To start off, lemons are filled with vitamin C also referred to as ascorbic acid which is crucial in the growth and develops aids in the restoration of all our body tissues.

Vitamin C is also linked to numerous body functions such as the production of collagen, healing of wounds, absorption of iron and helps in maintaining the bones, cartilage and teeth.


Lemon water is a great source of Vitamin c, calcium, potassium and pectin fiber. You can also get some Vitamin A and iron in it also. Below are just a few benefits of what lemon water does to the body:

  • ·         Drinking warm glass of lemon water each morning aids in weight loss
  • ·         Lemon water helps in Digestion
  • ·         Lemon water aids in the cure of common cold
  • ·         Lemon water prevents the skin from getting acne and wrinkly skin.
  • ·         Lemon water aids in the prevention of growth pathogenic micro-organisms that cause diseases and infections.
  • ·         Lemon water enhances the liver by supplying energy to the liver digestive enzymes when they are really thin


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