Fufu with Goat Meat & Dry Fish Light Soup Recipe ( GHANA STYLE )

fufu with goat meat and dried fish light soup ghana style

How I Prepare Fufu with Goat Meat & Dry fish Light Soup.

Growing up and living in a typical African home , my mother would always make fufu with goat meat & dry fish light soup mostly on Sundays. When I was little, I didn’t really understand why my mum would always make fufu on weekends (Sundays).

I later grew up realizing that fufu made the traditional way was very difficult and tiring .  (A wooden mortar and wooden pestle } was used in the making of Fufu.

Although now there are much easier ways of making fufu ( by using the powdery fufu mix), the traditional way is still a preferred choice by many Ghanaians. Using a mortar and a pestle in the making of fufu isn’t an easy thing , in fact two people are needed for the making of the traditional fufu … But in today’s recipe I won’t talk about how to make the traditional fufu … I am going to be focusing on the new style and easy way of making fufu using the “powdery mix” method. So that anyone living anywhere in the world can prepare it.

I learnt how to make this recipe from my Mother . We mostly begin by steaming the Goat meat with blended (ginger,garlic & onions) salt and goat cubes depending on the type of meat you intend using.


This recipe uses garden eggs (African eggplant) and fresh okra and mushrooms. Well, using this isn’t entirely compulsory, it really depends on the individual preparing it. Some individuals tend to use it to add up a little volume to the soup. The second part of the process involves adding in your dried smoked fish. In case you do not have that, you can always substitute it for Tuna fish .

In the steps below, I’m going to dive deeper into the exact preparation method I use when making my fufu with goat meat and dry fish soup.



  • 2 medium dry fish or fresh tuna
  • 1kg of goat meat ( Note : the amount of goat meat really depends the amount of soup you want to make )
  • 2 medium onions
  • 4 fresh pepper ( Also known as kpakpo shito)
  • 2 large fresh tomatoes
  • Blended ginger,garlic & onion mix
  • 1/2 cup of mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup of okra/okro
  • 2 tablespoons of salt ( this should be according to your taste and should be when steaming your meat )
  • 2 cubes of Bouillon or Maggie cubes



STEP 1. Rinse the meat into your sauce pan ( you could reduce the size of the goat meat if it’s chopped into bigger pieces).

STEP 2. Add your blended ginger, garlic and onions onto the meat .

STEP 3. Add your 2 cubes of Maggie cubes

STEP 4. Add a tablespoon of salt

STEP 5. Add 2 cups of water. After, place your sauce pan on the fire ( keep your fire on a medium heat ) so your meat could slowly cook properly

STEP 6. Allow your meat to steam for about 20 minutes …(The meat should be steamed under medium heat)

STEP 7. Add your fresh tomatoes,onions and fresh pepper (kpakpo Shito). Allow it to cook for about 10 minutes

STEP 8. After ten minutes of cooking the fresh tomatoes,onions and pepper , take them out of from the cooking pot, place them in a blender and blend till smooth. Pour it straight from the blender back into the same sauce pan with your steamed meat .

STEP 9. Add 2 cups of water to make the soup light , then add your 1/2 cup of mushrooms and 1/2 cup of okro/okra ( okra and mushrooms are not compulsory to add if you do not like it)

STEP 10. Rinse your dry fish, then add it to the soup or in case you are using tuna, you can roast/ grill your fresh tuna before adding it to the soup to enhance the aroma and flavor.

STEP 11. Allow the soup to cook for about 15 minutes, after that, minimize the fire on low heat to slowly cook the soup for about 15 – 18 minutes.


The FUFU Method:

As stated above, in this method I will be using the instant fufu powder, not the traditional fufu method. In case you will like to learn how to make fufu the traditional way, You can refer to this youtube video – How To Pound Fufu (Ghana)

Using the instant fufu powder comes with great benefits for people who do not have 1-2hours to spend on cooking, and especially for foreigners leaving outside Ghana who do not have the traditional cooking equipment at home. For eg. I live in Asia and have no access to the traditional fufu making equipment, so using an instant fufu powder helps a lot.

The instant fufu powder saves a lot of time compared to the traditional way of making fufu. Due to this, a quite number of people especially extremely busy people enjoy using the instant fufu powder . One great thing about using fufu powder is that, it tastes amazing too. Depending on the fufu powder brand you buy, the taste is almost exactly like the traditionally made fufu.



  1. Saucepan
  2. Wooden stick spoon
  3. Instant Fufu Powder



STEP 1. Add about 4~5 cups of water into the saucepan

STEP 2. Place the saucepan on the fire on a medium heat.. Allow the water to boil then minimize the heat under the saucepan.

STEP 3. Carefully add the instant fufu to the hot water { you should be mixing the instant fufu whiles adding it to the hot water to get it smooth at the end }(NOTE: this will determine how hard or soft your fufu texture will be)

Whiles stirring / driving your fufu, make sure your heat is on a medium level so don’t get your fufu burnt.

Stir your fufu continuously for about 15 minutes ( ※This Can Get Really a bit Tiring, So You Can Rest After Every 5 minutes Of Stirring The Fufu if you get tired)

Add a little amount of water if needed: The reason why you need to keep adding a little bit of water every now and then when you notice the mixture is getting a bit too hard is because water softens it up. {※ like I said before it’s not compulsory to keep adding water because it all depends on how hard or soft you want the texture of your fufu to be }  After this process , you can leave the fufu on the fire on a low heat for about 5 minutes then finally turn off the stove .

STEP 4. Dish the fufu out , mold it into a ball and allow it to cool off .

FINAL STEP : Serve it with your goat meat and dry fish light soup.

Don’t Forget, Fufu and goat meat soup is Best served hot! Not too hot to get your mouth burnt, but just the right temperature consumable. This meal is mostly served with a chilled beer or glass of water.

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In case I left any step out or you simply have suggestions on what I should write next, Just leave a comment and I’ll reply back.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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