Great Immune System Strengthening Smoothie Blend

smothies 6
smothies 6

Green Tea:

Yet another ingredient for your smoothie that is loaded with vitamin antioxidants is green tea. Substitute water in any smoothie recipe with green tea for an additional resistance boost. The substances in green tea which work as anti-oxidants are known as polyphenols. One of these polyphenols is known as EGCG, and it has been revealed in countless research to improve protection and to have anti-cancer attributes. It can reduce the speed at which cancer cell grow in the body.


Goji Berries:


Goji berries have been long admired in Asia for their healthy attributes. Present science is just discovering the reason why and an explanation for the existence of substances called polysaccharides that appear to improve the immune system. They in addition appear to support your immune system best identify between your own invaders and cells. As a result, this makes the goji berries a very good choice to add your smoothie if you have a reaction problem.



Astragalus is an herb mostly used in Chinese traditional drugs and is considered to be a powerful immune booster. There has been a wide range of health-related study which backs up these statements. Perhaps one of the most interesting impacts of the herb is on tumors. Besides the help to reduce tumors in the body, it additionally removes the immuno-suppressant adverse reaction of radiation treatment. This natural herb can be utilized by anybody to better the performance of the immune system and there are currently no reported side effects. You can consume a powdered form of astragalus as a health supplement. Add a teaspoon of astragalus powdered supplement to your healthy smoothie.



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