Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

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Need An Excuse To Eat More Chocolate?

For those chocolate lovers out there, you don’t need an excuse to eat more chocolate!

I’ll never forget that Christmas when I was about 11 or 12 and we (my sister and I) each received a box of Godiva chocolates from our aunt and uncle on my dad’s side of the family. My mother “oohed and aahed” at the fancy golden foil box of chocolates. She then looked at me seriously and said “These Chocolates are very special”!

Over the years, I can’t say that I was the biggest fan of chocolate but as an adult, I’ve developed an appreciation for artisan chocolates and the health-nut in me wants to know more about any possible health benefits of chocolate!


Brookside Dark Chocolate With Pomegranates!

Okay, I usually don’t get excited about candy or sweets but I can’t be quiet about this one! We were in the grocery store in the express lane trying to make a “Clean Getaway” with a bottle of red wine when we saw these.

We haven’t eaten chocolate at night before going to be in awhile so this was a bit of a treat! I already am a huge fan of Pomegranates. This was taking a chance because I’ve never been a big fan of chocolate covered fruit. I’ll take chocolate covered nuts or caramel any day but don’t give me chocolate covered cherries, bick!

So this was a stretch and oh boy, these are amazing! I would recommend to anyone and would be very surprised if they didn’t just love them!

Some studies found that dark chocolate is one of the cancer-fighting foods. It protects cell division and reduces inflammation and swelling. It is proven that eating a single small bar of dark chocolate two or three times a week can prevent the risk of heart attack. Dark chocolate is also proven to decrease or lower the cholesterol. It enhances blood flow as well.

Dark chocolate is one of the different types of chocolate obtained from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are the seeds obtained from cocoa pods. Dark chocolate does not contain milk solids, thus it has a bitter taste than the usual chocolates. The main ingredients of dark chocolate are cocoa beans, coco butter, refined powdered sugar, vanilla flavorings and emulsifiers like soy lecithin to preserve the texture.

Dark Chocolate Going, Going…

Dark chocolate has various health benefits. The main source of dark chocolate is cocoa, which contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Antioxidants also help prevent the signs of aging, making a person feel and look younger. In addition, antioxidants help control high blood pressure, inflammation and prevent heart diseases as well.

This chocolate has a delicious taste and contains caffeine that serves as a mild stimulant. Dark chocolate has health benefits for the brain as well. It increases the blood flow from the brain to the heart. This chocolate contains Phenylethylamine (PEA), a type of chemical known as a member of psychoactive drugs that have stimulants effects. Phenylethylamine stimulates the brain to release endorphins that make a person feel happy, pleasured and satisfied. Dark chocolate also helps control a person’s blood sugar level to help them avoid diabetes. Dark chocolate health benefits to diabetics play an important role in letting them enjoy their favorite treat.



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