How Does one become a Vegetarian?


In case you have consumed animal products and meat your entire life, you may think, why become a vegetarian when you have lived your entire life consuming chicken, eggs, sausages and hamburgers, so why be a vegetarian now?

Well, there are so many good reasons to become a vegetarian. Begin by looking at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these questions; I’m I healthy? Do I feel and look good most of the time? I’m I overweight?

How is your overall wellbeing? Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? If things don’t seem right to you after asking yourself these questions, you will need to start changing your eating habits.

Vegetables have a lot of vitamins and minerals which are crucial in order for our body function the right way. Consuming fruits and vegetables and avoiding meats and other harmful animal products will change your overall look, feel and wellbeing.


To begin the vegetarian journey, start by avoiding the processed animal products like sausages, harm, corn beef…etc. These products are way more harmful compared red meat, beef…etc. Recent studies have discovered that the chicken we all love to eat has cancer causing agents.

Food need to rejuvenate and supply the body and leave us feeling refreshed and energized. Our human system is like a machine and requires gas to keep it running properly. When we get fat, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, and other harmful diseases, it is just like a car motor that has not been switched or is not operating on the ideal type of fuel it requires to run properly. Our body requires the ideal kind of food to run at highest ability, and when you consume high-fat meat, or meat products that has been fed anti-biotics through the duration of its life, the body simply doesn’t need that kind of fuel to run effectively.

Switch to vegetables for a week or month and see how different you will feel, both physically and mentally. You will become energized, fit and will feel more confidence when interacting with people. If you can’t become a full vegetarian, try to cut down a huge portion of the animal products you will normally consume.

That alone can make a huge difference in your general fitness and well-being.



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