How to avoid menstrual pains

how to avoid menstrual pain
how to avoid menstrual pain

How to Avoid Menstrual Pains or Cramps

It is very common to go through pain during your monthly menstrual cycle. Most ladies and women in general go through this discomfort every month of their menstrual cycle.

There are several foods you need to avoid when in your period, such as soda, fatty foods, candies and foods with high amount of sugar.

I know most women in these times crave for sugary things more due to change in appetite, but unhealthy foods will only make your pain worse and satisfy your cravings. Avoiding unhealthy foods during your monthly cycle can also prevent obesity after each cycle.

According to research most women tend to gain weight after child-birth and menstrual cycle, due to high-rise in cravings and consumption of unhealthy foods.


Another way to avoid menstrual pain is to restrain from over exercising or doing any extreme energy-consuming work. Now this might be a difficult task to consider depending on what you do in your day-to-day life. For eg. If you are an employee and your job requires you lifting heavy items you might have no choice than to continue working during your menstrual cycle. However, there can still be solutions for instances like this.

Depending on how severe your cramps may be, you can have a doctors report to restrain you from over working during your menstrual cycle.

One other food which a lot of women happen to take on a day-to-day basis is coffee. You have to stop taking coffee during your menstrual cycle because of the caffeine. This can trigger menstrual cramps which is extremely unpleasant. Going in for decaf is a much better option.

How to avoid menstrual pains 1

Consider drinking hot cocoa every morning or before bed to reduce menstrual pains. According to research eating a small amount of chocolate can help stop menstrual pains up to 68%, Chocolate contains magnesium and improves the overall mood of a person.




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