How To Exercise To Gain lean muscle

lean mucle9
lean mucle9


We all know that exercise is necessary to gaining lean muscle, but it is important for you to understand and know the exact type of exercise to focus on.

Doing too much cardio can actually hinder your muscle growth, as it uses a lot of the energy we have stored in our body to help us in building muscle.

But don’t disregard all of it together!


Many respected reports have indicated that short doses of high energy cardio, such as sprinting, can help reduce fat and maintain muscle tissue, but could also increase muscle tone.

It does not matter what body part you will be concentrating on, if you don’t push yourself enough to increase the weight, your muscle mass isn’t going to increase.

So, increase your workout routine and stretch for a count of 10-12 reps. That way you will end up stressing parts of your muscles enough to repair and rebuild, without straining yourself.

Don’t underestimate the necessity of rest days. It may seem rest is for slackers, but it is in these rest periods that the muscle this is certainly actual happens.

So make certain that you incorporate rest days into your schedule, and you receive enough hours of sleep each night that you ensure.

Remember, both exercise and diet will be the keys here. You can’t concentrate on one without having the other if you wish to succeed.

Stay glued to light cardio workouts.

Cardio gets your blood flowing so that your muscles are receiving more oxygen, which promotes muscle growth. But don’t do most of it: you need to be lifting more often than doing cardio if you want to enhance your muscle tissue. A strategy that is good stick to is weight training three times per week, and one day of light, low-impact cardio—no six-mile runs. Think about a long-distance runner’s body (very lean, lower torso fat) compared to a sprinter’s body (more muscular). And make sure you don’t do cardio before strength training, If you do them on the same day, it will make your muscles tired and you might even suffer from injury.



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