How to Get Started With Walking For Fitness

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Walking For Fitness

Walking for fitness is a low intensity exercise that’s perfect for people who like the outdoors.  It’s pretty low in intensity but a long walk can still burn through a good amount of calories – just what you need after eating that chocolate!

In this article I discuss why you should consider walking and provide you with some top tips to get started.


Walking is Cheap and Easy

As I said above, walking is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.  If the thought of being cooped up in a gym while you work out doesn’t appeal then walking could be for you.


Walking is also a great exercise for people just getting started in the world of fitness.  There’s nothing to learn and no fancy equipment needed.  Just a good set of walking boots and you are ready to go.

Finally, the chances of injury with walking are much lower than with other forms of exercise.  It’s very low impact so places very little pressure on your joints, bones and muscles.  If you’ve previously experienced painful injuries when doing other sports, walking is definitely worth a try.

Tips on Walking for Fitness

Whilst it is pretty easy to get started with walking, the top tips below should help improve your experience:

  1. Get A Good Pair Of Walking Boots: – If you are planning to take up walking seriously then you really need to invest in a decent pair of walking boots.  This will stop your feet getting bruised or blistered and also protect your ankles from injury.


  1. Join A Hiking Group: – One of the best ways to motivate yourself to carry on walking is to join a hiking group. A hiking group will take care of all the planning for you.  All you have to do is show up and start walking. Hiking groups also give you some company along the way which is really useful on long walks.


  1. Bring A Rucksack: – Walking can be an all day activity so you need to make sure you’re prepared. Pack a rucksack with some water, healthy snacks, waterproof clothing (in case the heavens open whilst you’re out walking) and warm clothing (in case the temperature takes a turn for the worse).

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for a low intensity introduction to fitness, walking could be right up your street.  If you go for a short walk every day and one long hike every week you will be able to quickly build your fitness levels and start burning some serious calories.

Get a Little Speed Up

If walking seems a bit slow you might want to speed things up by jogging to improve your fitness.  Why jogging?

Once again, you don’t need to pay for any classes or memberships, you don’t need any special kit (just a good pair of running shoes) it allows you to get some fresh air and you can increase the pace at a rate with which you are comfortable.

In addition to this, jogging has a wide range of health benefits.  It improves your cardiovascular fitness, reduces your heart disease risk, improves your mental fitness, strengthens your immune system and much more.

Jogging Tips

Before you get started jogging make sure you follow these top tips:

1) Get A Good Pair Of Running Shoes:- A good pair of running shoes can make or break your jog. They can help you avoid injury, reduce the impact of jogging on your feet, legs and joints and maximize your performance.  So before you even get started jogging make sure you invest in a good pair of running shoes.

Try a few on and pick a pair that fits you well, is comfy to wear and has a good level of cushioning in the sole.

2) Get A Good Jogging Playlist:- On the one hand jogging is a great for getting away from it all and being alone with your thoughts.  On the other hand it can get very lonely when you are out there all on your own and the weather is cold, dark and miserable.

So make sure you bring some of your favorite brisk tunes along to keep you motivated and moving along the way.

3) Dress To The Weather:- One of the most common responses I have heard to exercising in the cold weather is “you’ll warm up once your blood starts pumping”.  Well let me tell you from personal experience this is terrible advice when it comes to jogging. If you go out jogging in cold, windy, wet weather wearing nothing but T-shirt and shorts then you will come back very cold – no matter how hard you jog.

Obviously too many layers will weigh you down but if it’s cold or wet outside make sure you dress accordingly.  Waterproof or windbreaker tops are great ways to protect against the weather without weighing yourself down too much.

Hats and gloves are also highly recommended in cold weather.

4) Make Sure You Rest:- When you start a new exercise routine it’s very easy to get carried away and over exert yourself.  So even if you are really eager to hit the road make sure you are having at least two days off from jogging each week.

Jogging is a high impact exercise so you need to give your joints and your legs time to recover.  Otherwise you will significantly increase your risk of injury.

Final Notes

Jogging is a great way to get started with fitness.  It’s cheap, it’s fun and it’s effective.  I hope this blog post has provided you with some valuable jogging tips to help you on your quest to start jogging for fitness.

“But why choose? You can walk to warm up, then jog and afterwards, walk to warm down. You’ll soon be really fit. Stay tuned for some other ways to get fit.”



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