How to Help Your Child Eat Right at Home

Healthy Eating child
Healthy Eating child

I can’t stress on this enough. Your family is not going to be a happy one if you clean out the pantry shelves instantly and all of a sudden change everything they have unfortunately come to love. Just make sure to start one meal at a time, no rushing. There will be a lot of doubts during the process but the it will be all worth it. Your family is going to thank you later for it, just try your best to have everyone on board.

Your kids are blessed. They will become adults understanding the advantage or consuming low carbohydrate proper food and a healthy insight which not so many adults have.

Start the change with their morning meals. Let them know cereal isn’t the best option for breakfast so you will get rid of all the cereal from the house. Start off with something to substitute the cereals you know they will enjoy. In the mornings, you can make some bacon and eggs, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausages, a low carb healthy smoothie or you can begin to make some low carb waffles or grain free granola.

Do not go too extreme at the beginning preparing special dishes, this latest way of consuming food has to be long lasting and if you believe you are positioning yourself up for a life-time of preparing waffles each and every morning, you will resent it and surrender. Take it easy on your children as well as yourself. As each cereal box leaves the house, don’t make noise or talk about it, just make sure you don’t replace it.





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