How To make decisions


People often say that they struggle to make decisions.

Unfortunately, everybody has to make decisions on a regular basis, starting from trivial issues like what you should have for lunch, even life-changing decisions like where to go and who to marry.

Some people postpone making decisions by endlessly seeking more information or getting other folks to offer their recommendations.

Others head for decision-making through a vote, sticking a pin inside a list or tossing a coin.This page provides a few ideas that are designed to help individuals who struggle to produce decisions big or small.

What is Decision Making?


In its simplest sense, decision-making is the act of deciding on between several courses of action.

In the wider technique of problem-solving, decision-making involves choosing between possible methods to a problem. Decisions can be produced through either an intuitive or reasoned process, or maybe a combination of both the.


Intuition is utilizing your ‘gut feeling’ about possible courses of action.

Although people focus on whether it was a magical ‘sense’, intuition is actually a combined past experience plus your personal values. It is worth taking your intuition into consideration, since it reflects your understanding about life. It is, however, not at all times based on reality, only your perceptions, many of which could possibly have started in childhood and may even not be very mature therefore.

It is therefore worth examining your gut feeling closely, carefully if you have a very strong feeling against a specific course of action, to determine if you can work out why, and regardless of whether the feeling is justified.


Reasoning is utilizing the facts and figures in front of you to create decisions.

Reasoning has their roots inside the here-and-now, plus facts. It can, however, ignore emotional aspects on the decision, plus particular, issues through the past which could affect the way in which the decision is implemented.

Intuition is often a perfectly acceptable method of making a decision, even though it is generally right when the choice is of a simple nature or has to be made quickly.

More complicated decisions have a tendency to require a more formal, structured approach, usually involving both intuition and reasoning. It is important to be suspicious of impulsive reactions to your situation.



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