Know your Child.

Like it or not, every child born into this world is a stranger and has no idea who or what we are till we one way or the other introduce ourselves as parents or caretakers to them. I call this the Knowing Me Knowing you period and it takes a life time of communication and interactions between the child and the parent to really make this work.

This is where the child reveals his/ her interests or wants and behaviors likewise certain characters and personalities which may or may not seem familiar to us. How we relate to them and tolerate them in this state of domestic mental developmental state may determines in most cases determine the future of our relationships with them as parents or guardians.

But it is always best to keep an eye and an open ear to the very things they say and do but yet with so much patience and love, steer them in the right direction.

During this period, avoid passing quick judgement and hasty conclusions as to how well you know your child and your higher ability to predict their next mistakes or flaws based on their previous continuous mistakes since as smart and observant as we are as parents, we still cannot read their minds.



Children are very unpredictable when it comes to correcting themselves and making the right choices while the grow and this is because day in & day out, their interests shifts gradually from one thing to another and so does their priorities and behaviors.

When we fail to have a slow and flexible way of dealing with them we automatically begin to lose track of the changes in their behaviors

This blinds us from seeing certain quality changes and makes us focus only on their adverse behaviors.

That is how come some things they do sometimes in life, either leaves us proud or disappointed but yet in both ways surprised.




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