How to Start Doing What You’re Really Meant to Do


Do What You Do Best

Knowing your abilities and disabilities is an important starting point because you have areas you are likely to excel in. These areas could be what you enjoy doing, (however your strengths in many cases are your passions) nevertheless it at least provides awareness of your natural strengths and talents.

Doing an examination of good and bad points also provides awareness of places you have some work to do. Just because something can be a weakness doesn’t mean you can’t undertake it. It just means you should develop the skill and intensely practice your ass off. If operating a business isn’t your strength however, you want to be self-employed you can discover the needed skills. Or you can connect to the right people that can help you.

Follow Your Bliss

The mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell wisely informs us, “follow your bliss.” From his perspective whenever we follow our bliss we have been doing what were supposed to do. There are countless other authors and philosophers who share this same sentiment so there should be something for it. When we feel joy and fulfillment we have been aligned with this purpose. We all have a thing that we love to do. What do you like doing? What are you most obsessed with?


Always Look for Opportunities


There a wide range of common excuse for not doing that which you’re intended to do. We don’t think we now have the resources, any time, or general opportunities we require. To do everything you’re designed to do is really a process and will takes time. It takes planning, preparation, and patience. That is why it’s imperative that you start in search of opportunities today.


If you’re prepared to be creative you’ll probably find numerous ways you can get involved with something you are obsessed with. There are ways you’ll be ready learning that which you need to learn and meeting the person you need to meet. Even when obstacles appear keep searching for opportunities.


Know What’s Most Important to You

One of the extremely insightful approaches to help people get aligned using what they were made to be doing is usually to identify their values. We all have certain aspects which might be most vital that you us in regards to the work perform. For some people, it may be flexibility into their schedule or how they get to help people. For others it could be prestige, money, and power. Or maybe it’s a mixture of these values.

The point is after we know what’s most essential to us you can begin to build a career that aligns with such values. Here is a piece of writing that explores work values in depth.


Try to Be Great, Not Just Good

Just because we’re also meant to make a move doesn’t mean it’ll come easy. To me doing my very best is everythinh. Doing a thing that is bigger than our current reality and pushing past our perceived limits. It’s crucial that you set the bar full of life. Whatever you might be directed toward doing grab the approach of always performing all of your best.



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