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Aging Yoga
Aging Yoga

We are now as a matter of fact captured in the “age trap”. Straight from the very moment we are brought into this world, the earth imposed in us our age. “Come Tom, you are approaching 60, you should retire”. We as humans are brainwashed straight from our birth concerning wherein we are in the chart that is chronological “presume” all of our lifetime duration to be about eighty years.

So basically, the ageing trap is the perspective that is chronological of our age which has already been enforced on us by the planet. This places our thinking to take in this reality. Our mind, on the other hand, “auto suggests” this to our physical human body which in turn answers as required. This proceeding refers to the people’s thought of age. In a nutshell, Age turns out to be a manifestation of the consciousness that is collective of the planet.

Just think about, if you had no idea of your chronological age and you were faced with this situation. This may be true of local towns in India which have absolutely no education and learning levels. The agriculturalist who also tills his garden soil has no clue of when he was born. Ask him when his birthday is and he will look at you clueless. It’s been discovered that people like that “die with their boots on” – doing work till their last breath, with no clear damage in their health.



Unfortunately, even all of our eating habits perpetrates this particular getting old procedure. Modern-day dieting is crowded with preservative foods. All-natural but preserved – A very big joke because nothing exists like natural preserved food.

Many experts have reported in the scriptures, that an individual need to eat living, all-vegetable food for a nutrition that is positive to the mind and body. Preservatives can be associated to chemical substances which are applied to embalm a body that is dead. Very much like embalming keeps the external looks of the body however from the inside, there’s absolutely no life; in the same way, chemical preservatives maintain JUST the outward of the food. There isn’t any nutrition remaining in the food.

Note: consuming dead food will result in a dead body and mind.

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