Immune System Improving Smoothie Foods

Healthy Smoothies
Healthy Smoothies

when it comes down to maintaining a healthy and well balanced every day diet, you can incorporate some immune system boosters in your smoothie recipes. While absolutely nothing is assured, you can incorporate these foods in your fruit or green smoothies and look forward to see great results. Lots of these have data to support their effects, but in some instances, specialists might like to see more strict analysis for genuine proof that they aid your immune system perform much better.

There are so many ingredients you can add to your smoothie but today we will be looking at only 2 of them, which is the Acai berries and Probiotic ingredient.


Acai Berries:


Acai berries have a lot more vitamin antioxidants as compared to blueberries, but they are not too common and easy to come across. Acai berries come from a palm tree which only grows in the rain forest and has a lot more vitamin antioxidants as compared to any other food. You can come across acai berry juices, but these kinds are usually high in refined sugar and other compounds. To add acai berry to your smoothie recipe, search for frozen acai pulp which normally consists of no additional chemicals.


Probiotic is simply a micro-organism which is good for you (The name probiotic is the scientific name). These are the small creatures that reside in your intestinal tract and help in you consume food. It is a symbiotic union. Studies have begun to reveal that these useful bacteria additionally function to enhance your immune system. A lot more exclusively, using a probiotic supplement has been recently revealed to improve the immune system of contributors in researching and to decrease symptoms connected with allergies and autoimmune diseases. You can come across probiotic supplements in any pharmacy or health store and you can as well consume yogurt or kefir.



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