Training Each Muscle Twice For 7 Days Straight

workoutp 5
workoutp 5

The initial step will be determining how a number of days per week you’re going to train/workout.

Most of the information available to you online is based on the concept that the best way to build muscle tissue is always to stress your muscles into submission once per week with plenty of exercises, sets and reps.

A routine that is certainly typical involves working on your chest on Monday, your back on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, then legs on Thursday and your arms on Friday. Although some people think that is the simplest way to create muscle, you will find better options available.

When you train the protein, synthesis raises early for a couple of days after the workout week then goes back to normal very quickly. And simply creating more muscle damage does not seem to result in the rise in protein synthesis to last for a longer period.


Quite simply, when you train a muscle group directly only once per week, the muscles might spend a few days in an “anabolic state” following the workout. But you’re missing several additional opportunities to stimulate growth in the event that you leave a complete week between training each muscle group.

Anyone with average genetics who would like to gain the maximum amount of muscle as they can; into the shortest time possible will get better results working each muscle group at least twice every seven days.



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