Two Simple Techniques To Build Up Muscle Fast

The Most Important Body Part To Exercise
The Most Important Body Part To Exercise

Progressive overload is simply the act of trying to get stronger each time you work out by lifting heavier weights, doing more reps or sets because having A Stronger Muscle is A Bigger Muscle.

You won’t build that much muscle lifting the amount that is same of, doing exactly the same quantity of reps and/or sets each time you work out.

Progressive Overload to create muscle as soon as possible

As you can see in most muscle building videos on Youtube, you will notice Most of the body builders carry heavier weights. That’s exactly the same way parts of your muscles will get bigger as you lift heavier weights, do more reps and/or sets but let’s look at an even more realistic scenario where you’re hoping to get a larger chest, shoulders & triceps doing the bench press, You can look up some examples online…


You would start off bench pressing 100 pounds for 8 reps of 3 sets after which the time this is certainly next do your bench press workout…

You would then commence to progressively overload your chest, shoulders and triceps muscles to make them bigger & stronger by bench pressing at least 101 pounds, doing at least 9 reps and/or 4 sets and then from then on…

You would progressively keep repeating the entire process of lifting heavier weight, doing more reps and/or sets and soon you’ve built enough muscle tissue to reach your goal.

Imagine just how much bigger your muscles are going to be as you gradually work your way as much as lifting 200, 300 as well as 400+ pounds or just how much bigger your muscles should be if you are lifting pounds which can be 100 15 reps as opposed to only 5 reps.


Get Enough Protein

enough protein to create muscle. You need to eat enough protein to build muscle because your muscles are mainly composed of protein so when you consume enough protein You give your system the inspiration it must build bigger muscles which can be a strong adequate to progressively lift heavier weights, do more reps and/or sets to construct a lot more muscle.



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