Two Tips Every Parent Should Know When Raising Their Kid.


There are very few great opportunities/ responsibilities in the life of every adult; raising a child is one. Sometimes, children can be so troublesome and disobedient that it makes parenting a hell of a responsibility and a pain in the neck. But yet still, it takes not much more than a blind eye to see that they are a blessing and having to look after them is a Great privilege. Below are a few tips or much easier methods of parenting on how to raise a child

  1. Know their strengths and weakness.

We were all born with Strengths and weakness which however distinguishes one person from the other because they differ.

As a parent or guardian, we ought to know the strength and weaknesses of our wards and how to help them improve their confidence level as well as self-esteem.

A child’s weakness may be in diver’s ways; sometimes insecurity and sometimes weakness in his or her academical fields. etc.


Whether Physical or mental, Whichever way it may be, a parent must study their child to know; in order to give to the child, the necessary help the child needs and this must be often being kept secret as a bond between the guardian and the child since that is the only way to protect the ward from people who wish to use their weaknesses against them.


2.Never compare a child.

It is wrong to compare one child to another since, we all as human beings have our various differences in terms of understanding and behavior. One child may be a fast learner when it comes to certain aspects of their life but another may be labeled a ”slow learner” just because his or her ability to grasp certain things being taught to the both of them at the same time. This is wrong.

Parents must Never compare their wards. Every child born into this world is special and unique in their own way and that must be first respected among other facts. Parents much learn to love each child differently although in most cases we most cases, we as parents turn to have a favorite. However, this should not be made known to the kids since it can create disunity and rivalry among them.




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