What Are The Major Brands Of Treadmill Machines


If you are to shell out a hefty amount of cash for a machine it’s just right that you spend time evaluating the reviews about the different brands of treadmill machines before you make a purchase decision. By doing this you will get an overview of the leading brands and the product that they market. You should be well-informed for you to be able to make a great choice. After all, committing a little of your time and effort will save you from any kind of disappointment or dissatisfaction towards the treadmill brand later on.

Here’s a short guide on the top manufacturers of treadmill machines and some descriptions on why you should choose one over the other:


  1. Sole Treadmill machines

This brand is highly identified in the hotel sector than in the consumer industry. Nonetheless they were able to develop a consumer product line that is of hotel standard but sold for a very reasonable price.

  1. Smooth Treadmills

This brand is the biggest manufacturer of the finest fitness equipment’s online. For several years in the business, they have received steady positive testimonials and high ratings from several publications and critique groups. And since these are sold online, it can save you about 45-50% of the retail price that stores have.

  1. Nordic track

Perhaps the good thing about this brand is that the motors of their treadmill machine have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Aside from that, they have developed unique workout tools in the equipment which surely you cannot find in any other brand of treadmills.


  1. Proform treadmills

This particular brand has introduced the space saver sightline product series. It has obtained recognition because of its impressive design and style which allows treadmill owners to look elsewhere inside the place instead of staring closely at the wall. This unique innovation had truly made its way to the heart of several fitness enthusiasts.


  1. Precor Treadmills

This brand of treadmill takes pride in obtaining high customer satisfaction rankings and positive opinions from the various sectors of the fitness community. It is renowned owing to its high quality and exceptional warranty package.

  1. 6. Tunturi Treadmills

The uniqueness of its style and overall look makes the product line one of the leading brands of treadmills. And because it is foldable, it is great for people who wish to keep and secure the treadmill right after each use.

These are merely some of the leading brands of treadmill machines available in the market today. Whilst they are made for one objective, if you’re looking for something exclusive, try to consider the different features that each of them has so you will end up with a great pick of treadmill brands.



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