What You Need To Know About Swimming for Fitness

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Swimming for Fitness

If you want to improve your fitness then swimming is an excellent option.  It gives you a cardiovascular workout whilst also working your muscles.

In this article I’ll be expanding on why I think swimming is an exercise worth considering and provide you with some top tips to get you started.

I’ll also be talking about the benefits of cycling in the following text.



Benefits of Swimming

The main thing I like about swimming is that it gives you a full body workout.  It’s a great cardiovascular workout with one hour of moderate swimming burning 462 calories and one hour of intense swimming burning 667 calories.

In addition to this, it gives all your major muscles a workout as the water provides resistance.  If you’re just starting out in the world of fitness there are very few other exercises that are this easy to pick up that also give you a dual purpose workout.

Although swimming for fitness is a great cardiovascular workout that can also tone and build your muscles, it’s important to push yourself to fully benefit.  So to maximize the effectiveness of your swimming set yourself targets for improvement each week.

So maybe in the first week your target can be to do 10 laps in one hour.  Then next week’s target will be to do 11 laps in one hour.  After 10 weeks doing this you’ll have doubled your effectiveness.

Protect Your Eyes While Swimming for Fitness

For some reason a lot of people don’t like wearing goggles.  However, if you’re going to take your swimming seriously and go multiple times each week you need them to protect your eyes from chlorine or salt.

When buying your goggles make sure you get a decent pair.  Cheap goggles break very easily and fill up with water very quickly so paying for a good pair is a worthwhile investment.

Enjoy Music While You Swim

If you feel a bit bored in the pool you can always listen to music. If you’re planning to really focus on swimming and become the best you possibly can in this area then the Nu Dolphin MP3 player is an excellent bit of kit.  It allows you to play your favorite tunes underwater and can really help give you that little bit of motivation you need when trying to beat your best lap time.

If you don’t like the gym but still want a multi-functional workout then swimming is one of the best things you can do.  It works your muscles, it works your heart and it keeps you fit.  So get down to the pool, get some laps under your belt and maximize your fitness.

For Variety Try Cycling

If you are feeling a bit waterlogged after all that swimming then you could try cycling for a bit of variety.  It provides you with a really intense, varied workout and the best part is it allows you to do a little exploring in the process.

In this article I’ll discuss some of the reasons you should take up and provide you with some top tips to get started.

What I really like about cycling is that it allows you to explore your world at the same time as getting a workout.  Jogging does this to a degree but you are limited by how far your legs can take you.

With cycling you have a mini-adventure every time you go.  You can even make a full day of it; plan a day of scenic cycling with a few interesting routes along the way.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Safety is key when it comes to cycling.  I know wearing a helmet mightn’t fit your cool and trendy image but it’s a small price to pay to avoid permanent brain damage.

A rough off road track, a pothole in the road, a branch hanging from a tree or a driver who’s not paying attention to the road are just some of the potential hazards that can knock you off your bike.  Whilst I hope this never happens, protecting your head is essential just in case it does.

Bad Weather Cycling

Cycling is brilliant when the sun is shining and the sky is clear.  However, when the rain is pouring heavily or there’s ice on the roads it’s pretty much impossible. So if you want to keep cycling all year round you should consider purchasing an indoor bicycle trainer.

These nifty pieces of kit allow you to take your regular bicycle and train on it indoors.  They offer a much more realistic ride than regular exercise bikes and varying levels of resistance so you can still push yourself to the limit when training indoors.



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