Yoga and Aging

seniors yoga aging
seniors yoga aging

It has been noticed that for several strange reasons, the skin cells all of a sudden end regenerating that’s how damage starts. For a lot of social individuals, it occurs rather late so aging is slowed whilst for other individuals it takes place quite earlier.

In order to comprehend aging, it needs to be recognized that everything which is out there in our world is LIFE and MATTER. In fact, it is life which is accountable for keeping the matter collectively. If there’s no life, matter rots – exactly like in the circumstances of a body that is dead. Our human body is absolutely nothing but matter. Life, on the other hand, is the result of our mind.

For that reason, it means that our own bodies are definitely the manifestation of thought and our mind. Exactly like how dreams are a result of thinking, so as well is the physical human body a manifestation of our thinking. Itself accordingly if you have beautiful, young thoughts this will form an ‘autosuggestion’ to each body cell to mold. The body cells together form the body as a whole so the human body gets molded correctly.

So, it follows that our body will be right if we can condition our thoughts to be right.


Are we looking older quicker than we were supposed to?

The scriptures that are ancient definitely appear to encourage so. The “Vedas”, has looked back to the oldest generation of mankind as “sat-yug ” or perhaps the age bracket in which men and women lived up to a 1, 000 years. Sticking with that emerged the “dwi-yug” or the demographic of the life span that is 500-years. This particular gradually decreased and the generation that is present known as “kal-yug” or the ‘generation of death’ in which the maximum we can live up to is 100 years if we are lucky.



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